Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud
Budget, Planning & Rolling Forecasting in the Cloud. We make it easy with the new generation Business Planning Software

The Adaptive Business Planning Cloud Suite is the only Corporate Performance Management solution that is simple, powerful and fast. This cloud-based, in-memory solution delivers everything you need to be able to budget, plan, forecast and report in a flexible, dynamic and modern way. Easy to use and approach from anywhere in the world. Adaptive Insights enables finance teams to better manage your business.

The Adaptive Business Planning Cloud Suite consists of the following modules:


Use Adaptive Planning to anticipate changes and predict what the future will bring with joint input and a flexible budgeting and forecasting solution.

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Use Adaptive Consolidation to look at the past with financial consolidation, reporting and disclosure.

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Use Planning and Consolidation together with Discovery to understand both past and present using graphical visualization, mobile apps and a powerful, in-memory, analytical platform.

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Ensures that finance teams and managers can print reports using the intuitive and interactive software. Gives insight in finances, where and when you want, within an instant.

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Integrate all your systems bi-directionally with the Adaptive integration module. Links are easy to make. Both with cloud systems, databases or flat-files.

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